Linux Mint: Linux for the beginners.

Start Screen of Linux Mint

Linux Mint is the one of the Linux Distributions made by community-driven soal’s come to peace is one of the top Linux Distributions for beginners. Becoming the almost top on and most of all the almost longest projects that I came across today that I use for a about 5 years when I did start out with Linux Mint.

The most latest one is 19.1 as of blog date. Coming from 17.6  as myself could result in a drastic change of <3 of Linux. Linux Mint is easy to use.. and very user friendly.


Linux Mint Settings

The IRC channel #linuxmint-help and #linuxmint-chat has  very helpful people waiting on you to ask them a question. even the question has been asked before I’ve seen that they would belp you anyway…

The Software based Ubuntu is easy to type commands and to use. Like the Raspi Ubuntu is based on debian and easy-to-use Debian commands


A Link to Downloads and Home Page!