Old Software meant for enterprise…

Redhat is designed for Enterprise use of Software that has old version and been newly patched. Latest version of software on rhel is very rare and could lead to failure and security outbreaks on Desktops and Workstations.

There is ways around this…




Flatpak is like a docker container with the latest Ubuntu gnome or something like that.

you can now on rhel:

  • Run Discord
  • Spotify
  • Android Studio
  • and many more

Flatpak and Flathub repo are great source of software everyday! and could be run with  GUI package manager or a command line!

Go to FlatPak now!

just run:

flatpak --help

for more infomation about flatpak commands

You can also try of RedHat does not work for you

Fedora – Upstream of RHEL

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