What a Great plan.

NuxCraft was a Minecraft Server hosted on a co-location Cyber Security data center. Thanks so being approved by the data center people ( Fiber.net )  its awesome server was a great successful chance of being successful.

The Specs

The Software Specs:


  • VMware ESXi
  • HP iLO 2

Virtual Machines:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • PaperSpigot
  • 16 gb ( Minecraft Server RAM Reserved )


Why did it go down?

Two possible reasons

  • Option 1
    • Staff was not working Linuxy was getting sick of the drama and shut it down
  • Option 2
    • Linuxy was not giving enough work to do and staff where leaving

The fact that the staff where not corpating the just teens and not adults and the lack of funs means the server cannot continue and must be shutdown for that. I closed the server

If you hav any questions or feedback. Leave a comment below!